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Estate Administration Attorneys in Union County, New Jersey

The process of probate and estate administration can seem daunting to an executor of an estate.  Attorneys at Hobbie & Hobbie, Attorneys At Law, LLC offer clients the legal advice they need to complete probate promptly and distribute the remaining assets among the named heirs.

Attorneys at Hobbie & Hobbie, Attorneys At Law, LLC provide comprehensive legal advice on a broad range of estate administration concerns, including—

  • Fiduciary roles and responsibilities
  • Release form administration
  • Executing a last will and testament
  • Resolving disputes when a loved one dies intestate
  • Property assessments and appraisals
  • Undoing mistakes in improper initial filings
  • Filing tax returns
  • Surrogate proceedings
  • Trust administration

The firm simplifies and expedites the process of probate by taking care of practical considerations.  Probate is the process of paying off taxes and debts against the estate. Our attorneys and staff help clients distribute copies of the death certificate, inventory the decedent’s personal property, and determine the overall value of the estate.  The attorneys then file documents with the government based on the initial valuation of the property so that taxes are disbursed accordingly.  They then post a notice to alert creditors to the death.  Creditors then have a chance to make claims against the estate.

When property clears probate, the attorneys help clients transfer ownership of the remaining property to the remaining heirs.  On behalf of the executor, the attorneys file the death certificate and last will and testament at the county court recorder’s office.

To schedule an initial consultation with an attorney at the firm, call 908-709-1663.